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Additional Teaching Endorsements for Social Studies Teaching Majors

It is to your advantage to enter the job market certified to teach at least three or four social science areas. You can earn other endorsements by either passing 15 hours of coursework in specific Social Science areas or by completing the All-Social Studies Endorsement (a total of 51 hours). Minimum standards endorsements areas are set by the State of Iowa. Endorsements are added to Iowa teaching licenses on the recommendation of the appropriate Records Analyst in the UNI Office of the Registrar. If you are completing extra endorsement areas beyond declared majors and minors prior to graduation, you must request recommendation for these endorsements on your Application for Graduation, on the line asking for certifications other than your majors and minors. If you complete the requirements for further endorsements after you have graduated, you will need to contact the appropriate Records Analyst in UNI's Office of the Registrar. Iowa minimum standards may or may not be recognized by other states. You will need to contact specific states to determine their  requirements.

In practice, any courses taught at UNI (or other accredited colleges and universities) in the specific content areas required for an endorsement will count. At UNI, for example, any course numbered 920 counts towards Economics, 970 towards Geography, etc. Note that American Government is more narrowly defined by the State than the others, meaning in practice that only Political Science courses mainly concerned with the United States count, whereas those more focused on international or philosophical areas do not. [See the handout on the American Government endorsement for details.]

1.     You may pursue state endorsements separately. If you take 15 hours in American Government, American History, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, or World History,  the State of Iowa will certify you to teach that area.                                                                            

2.     The All-Social Studies Endorsement (5-12) requires you to complete 51 hours spread across 7 different areas, all of which you would be certified to teach:  American Government (9 hours), American History (9 hours), World History (9 hours), Economics (6 hours), Geography (6 hours), Psychology (6 hours), and Sociology (6 hours). If you plan your Liberal Arts Core carefully, you can use 3-4 hours in Category 4 and 9 hours in Category 5 to fulfill 12 more hours towards this broad certification.


The Iowa All-Social Studies Endorsement/Grades 5-12 (51 hours)

American Government (9 hours)                                                                                                  

American History (9 hours)

World History (9 hours)

Economics (6 hours)

Geography (6 hours),                                                

Psychology (6 hours)

Sociology (6 hours

Teaching Endorsements and the Revised (2004) Liberal Arts Core

  Liberal Arts Core (Students entering Fall 2004 and after)

 A few courses from Liberal Arts Core can be used towards state endorsements. It is highly recommended you consider taking some of the courses listed below as part of your Liberal Arts Core  program, and to build hours towards certification in whatever areas you choose. Approximately 12 hours of Liberal Arts Core can be counted toward the All-Social Studies Certification by carefully choosing courses in categories 4 and 5.

 Category 4:  Natural Sciences and Technology*

 Group B:  Physical Sciences

                    970:026 Physical Geography [Geography]

 *Note that one course in Category 4 must have a lab.


Category 5:  Social Science


Group A:  Sociocultural and Historical Perspectives

               970:010* Human Geography [Geography]

               970:040* World Geography [Geography]

     [* You cannot count both courses, 970:010 & 970:040, towards this Liberal Arts Core category.]

                 980:001 Introduction to Sociology [Sociology]


Group B:  Individual and Institutional Perspectives

             400:001  Introduction to Psychology [Psychology]

                  920:024* Introduction to Economics  [Economics]

     [*920:053 & 920:054 Micro/Macro Economics may count here if BOTH are taken.]


942:014 Introduction to American Politics


Group C:  Topical Perspectives

                   980:045 American Racial and Ethnic Minorities [Sociology]

               980:060 Social Problems [Sociology]

Requirements for Iowa's American Government Teaching Endorsement

The State of Iowa requires 15 hours of course work in American Government to grant an endorsement to teach in this field at the middle or secondary level. There is no endorsement area in Political Science, only in American Government. The following UNI Political Science courses are acceptable to the State for a teaching endorsement in American Government. The bulk of the course's content must be clearly related to American Government. Please contact the Record Analyst (227 Gilchrist) for Social and Behavioral Sciences (319 273-2241) with questions concerning applicable courses. Be prepared to bring along a course syllabus and description for evaluation.  For courses transferred from other colleges and universities, bring the same evidence to the Records Analyst for evaluation. You are encouraged to check before taking the transfer course, if possible, to see if it will count for this endorsement. After taking a course at another college, an official transcript must be sent to the Records Analyst, Office of the Registrar.

 Acceptable courses:

942:014           Introduction to American Politics

942:048           Introduction to Public Administration

942:112           Campaigns and Elections

942:120           Bureaucratic Politics

943:127           U.S. Foreign Policy

941:129           American Political Thought

942:131           American State Politics

942:132           Community Politics

942:134           Legislative Politics

942:136           Administrative Law

942:138           Politics of Policy Reform

942:141           Constitutional Law

942:142           Problem in Juvenile & Family Law

942:143           Citizen Participation and Civic Engagement

942:146           Law and Politics

942:147           Law and Courts

942:148           Introduction to Public Administration

944:149           Comparative Administration

942:150           Public Opinion & Voting Behavior

942:151           Modem Presidency

942:153           Public Organizations

942:155           Environmental Policy Making

942:166           Political Parties & Interest Groups

942:171           Urban Development & Administration

942:172           Public Budgeting

942:173           Public Policy Analysis

942:174           Public Personnel Administration

940:176           Research Methods in Public Administration

942:188           Seminar in Public Administration

Unacceptable or Questionable Courses:

940:010           Scope and Methods of Political Science

940:020           Contemporary Political Problems

943:024           International Relations

944:040           Comparative Politics

940:111           Introduction to Quantitative Methods

943:118           International Relations Theory

943:119           International Political Economy

944:121           Terrorism

941:122           Democracy and Democratization

944:123           Nationalism

943:125           North- South Relations

943:126           Human Rights

943:128           Comparative Foreign Policies

944:130           Women and Politics in a Comparative Perspective

944:135           Western European Democracies

943:143           International Law

943:145           International Organizations

942:154           Ethics in Political Administration

941:156           Issues in Political Thought

941:160           Classical Political Philosophy

941:161           Modern Political Philosophy

944:162           Politics of the East Asia

944:164           Russian and East European Politics

      944:165           African Politics

944:167           Latin American Politics


All Readings and  Independent Study courses must have Department Head approval.


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